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What is an RMS and how does it help you?

Nov 7th 2016 - by Bryan Marable

Practice Management

We founded RedQuarry to answer one question, “Is there a simpler way to create, distribute, and consume research in our industry?” After launching our app and growing our platform to over $35 Billion in assets, the answer is absolutely YES!

Gone are the days when network and local drives were the only choice for managing a firm's most important and valuable intellectual property.

Yet, overall the asset management and advice industry is still behind the curve. Firms that are investing in tools today will undoubtedly be the leaders of tomorrow.

Research Management Software

RedQuarry RMS is a modern system that streamlines team-based research processes.

  • Intuitively organized document management and research notes
  • Real-time investment pipeline and rankings
  • Firm and user activity feeds and dashboards
  • Custom compliance and monitoring rules

A firm's research is one of it's greatest assets, and RedQuarry RMS is organized in a consistent way. Our software makes data input and retrieval fast, easy, and secure. With RedQuarry, everyone in your organization has real-time information automatically. There is no need for chaotic spreadsheets and blackhole network drives.

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