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Advisor Research Compliance

Apr 17th 2018 - by Patrick Adrian, CFA

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7 Most Expensive Words In Business

Mar 17th 2017 - by David E. Fred

Practice Management

“This Is How We’ve Always Done It.” Editor's Note: We are thrilled to have David E. Fred guest blogging for us. David is a 30 year financial services veteran with deep experience in due diligence and research with large broker/dealer and RIA platforms. He has been a rich source of insight to us as we continue to build technology to enhance the investment research landscape. Email David or LinkedIn Old processes die hard. Making an investment

How Software Can Help You Grow: Part 2

Mar 2nd 2017 - by Emmett Agnew

Practice Management

In Part 1 I discussed how software is often viewed as a disruptive threat, but there are potential benefits in viewing it as an opportunity. This post looks at how modern software solutions can benefit investment advisors. Staying Organized When investment documents and research notes are stored and managed in email inboxes and a simple network share drive, it can be a pain to stay organized as things change and your business grows. A modern re

How Software Can Help You Grow: Part 1

Mar 2nd 2017 - by Emmett Agnew

Practice Management

"Software is eating the world." So states the headline of a famous Wall Street Journal article penned in 2011 by Marc Andreessen, former co-founder of Netscape and influential venture capitalist 1. The power of software to transform and disrupt entire industries is even more apparent today, six years later. Just look at what Uber has done to the transportation industry, or what AirBnB has done to the hospitality industry. Niche Markets Even rel

4 Attributes Of A Skilled Analyst

Feb 16th 2017 - by Patrick Adrian, CFA

Practice Management

At RedQuarry we’ve spent the last few years focusing on building research technology, but the simple truth is that the secret sauce will always be the people. Technology can do a lot within and around the research process, but at the end of the day the foundation of successful organizations are the people and the teams doing the work. As we moved from practitioners to vendors in our own careers, we’ve had the opportunity to interact with and o

What is an RMS and how does it help you?

Nov 7th 2016 - by Bryan Marable

Practice Management

We founded RedQuarry to answer one question, “Is there a simpler way to create, distribute, and consume research in our industry?” After launching our app and growing our platform to over $35 Billion in assets, the answer is absolutely YES! Gone are the days when network and local drives were the only choice for managing a firm's most important and valuable intellectual property. Yet, overall the asset management and advice industry is still b

3 Ways A Good RMS Boosts Sales

Aug 31st 2016 - by Bryan Marable

Practice Management

Rarely have research tools directly impacted the growth of an investment firm. Most often they are pure cost centers or at best check a competency box in an RFP. RedQuarry is the first tool of its kind to directly support the sales efforts within advisory firms. When it comes to demonstrating your internal research capability, empowering your team with the information they need, and fostering a collaborative approach there is no better aid than

Knock knock. Who’s there? The Securities and Exchange Commission

Jul 5th 2016 - by Patrick Adrian, CFA

Practice Management

An SEC Examination is no joking matter for a Registered Investment Advisor. In a very real sense, everything a firm has worked for and hopes to achieve is on the line. The SEC regularly issues press releases when there is a breach of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 ( “40 act” ), not to mention we all know bad news travels fast in the press and internet. Disclosure of violations is also required with all prospective clients and current clients

Knowledge Management for Investment Teams...& Veterinarians

May 31st 2016 - by Patrick Adrian, CFA

Practice Management

Research Department vs. Your Veterinarian Here is a question for you: How can it be that your pet’s medical history is more thoroughly and consistently tracked by veterinarians than research at most investment firms? You can walk up to the front desk at your pet’s veterinarian and they can start reading back to you your animal's current status for immunizations, what happened during your last visit, what needs to happen today, or if the