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Release Notes: January 2018

Feb 18th 2018 - by Patrick Adrian, CFA

We’re very excited about new features in RedQuarry.

Note Templates

In some cases, starting with a note template can be a nice way to create consistency if your research process has structured elements that you want your team to capture. Similar to assessments, you can now define templates for each note type you have in RedQuarry.

  • Settings > Note Tags (left panel menu)
  • Select the note tag you want to add a template to and check Include Template.

  • Now you can setup your template in the editor and click Save.

  • Create a note like normal, but select the note type that you just defined a template for.

  • Once you start typing in a note, you cannot go back and change templates. Essentially the template gives you a head start.


Custom Fields!!!!!!
Instead of building in a million custom fields in our database schema, we leveraged our integration platform to allow firms to define their own custom fields for any entity type in RQ (Companies, Strategies, Projects, People). This separates concerns from an architecture perspective while still allowing for very specific customization on a firm by firm basis.

  • Go to Settings > 3rd Party Platforms > RQFields Panel

  • Here you can define custom fields for any entity type (Projects, Companies, Strategies, and People).

  • Once defined, you can then fill out these fields on a specific entity.

Expanded Options for Due Diligence Rules

Only want a Due diligence rule to be One-time? Now you can. We also added rolling 12, 24, and 36 months as options as well.

  • Various Bug Fixes

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