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Release Notes December 2016

Dec 27th 2016 - by Patrick Adrian, CFA

Release Notes

We’re really excited about the December release of RedQuarry, which contains several new productivity enhancing features as well as behind the scenes work that will pave the way for 2017 and beyond.

Note Importance Flag

Highlight a note visually as important. Most of the time research notes are used to convey something useful or timely, such as quarterly performance updates. Other times there is a detail that is critical to the ongoing opinion of a manager. By flagging notes you can allow the rest of your team to focus on what matters most.

Flag notes in the note editor modal.

Throughout the system where this note shows in feeds or note containers, you will be able to distinguish important notes visually and through sort by.

Advanced Due Diligence Rules

Write rules against specific stages of your due diligence process. We all know that due diligence doesn't happen in one linear path, it can diverge and converge in complex ways. For instance, many investment firms have different oversight levels for investments they inherited (low-basis stock, private investments, etc.) compared to active recommendations. With advanced due diligence rules it's easy to see where any strategy or product is in the research process.

  • As your change a strategy's status, asset class, or factor then applicable due diligence rules automatically update.

  • Write your rules once, set it and forget it.

  • Automate complex due diligence flow by any factor: Asset Class, Oversight Level, Due Diligence Stage.

  • Various Bug Fixes

RedQuarry's cutting edge research management software is used by leading investment firms around the world to manage their investment process, due diligence files, documents, reporting, and research compliance.