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RedQuarry unveils Research Management System at IMPACT

Apr 11th 2014 - by Bryan Marable


New research management system to change how firms capture, organize and share research across their organizations

NOVEMBER 4, 2014 – DENVER CO – RedQuarry, a Seattle area financial software solutions startup, announced today their self-titled research management solution. The new software is an integrated suite that seamlessly retains a firm’s notes, opinions, and documents while enforcing consistency in the way information is stored and retrieved. Principals can appreciate the increase in the retention of their firm’s intellectual property while client facing professionals can appreciate the ease with which they can access client ready materials.

“RedQuarry was born out of a clear need in the investment community to move beyond legacy technologies,” said RedQuarry CEO Christoffer Tinsley. “It is a throwback to the 90s but most research and advisory are using shared folders or CRM to track their research. They simply haven’t had a better choice. We know their frustration. Our team is financial industry experts that dealt with these problems first hand and the best software design talent in the world. We have the answer to unwieldy spreadsheets and chaotic network drives.”

The enterprise software solutions, available as a PC, Mac and Tablet application provides firms with:

  • Instant data retrieval with quick search and navigation to any document, note or opinion.
  • Document management that includes versioning, organization and drag-and-drop from desktop or email.
  • One-click to add a note from anywhere.
  • Custom support for a firms unique asset classes, ranking, process and tagging.
  • Branded reports with up to date disclosure statements
  • Enterprise level security and encrypted data.

“Historically an investment consultant was judged by their ability to access data. Over the last decade the data floodgates have opened wide.” said Charlie Waibel, CFA of Sellwood Consulting. “Research Quarry provides the finest tool for high level collaboration and allows Sellwood to extract value from the mountain of information we see. Research Quarry’s comprehensive information storage, and excellent tools for sharing, retrieval and review have resulted in better recommendations for our clients and more efficient use of our time.”

RedQuarry's cutting edge research management software is used by leading investment firms around the world to manage their investment process, due diligence files, documents, reporting, and research compliance.