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3 Ways A Good RMS Boosts Sales

Aug 31st 2016 - by Bryan Marable

Practice Management

Rarely have research tools directly impacted the growth of an investment firm. Most often they are pure cost centers or at best check a competency box in an RFP. RedQuarry is the first tool of its kind to directly support the sales efforts within advisory firms.

When it comes to demonstrating your internal research capability, empowering your team with the information they need, and fostering a collaborative approach there is no better aid than a Research Management System.

RedQuarry was designed from day one to support use across an entire team, because we knew it shouldn’t just be the research staff putting information in. In order to maximize value, we also built features to easily get critical information out. Very often those consuming the information are in client service, sales, and marketing within an advisory firm.

Showcase Your Capabilities

In a quarterly meeting with one of our client firms they told us about a successful pitch using RedQuarry to showcase their internal research capability. They were up against a much larger firm that had showed their internal system built over the course of 25 years with millions of dollars. It turns out the legacy system was poorly designed and looked outdated (not uncommon with internally built solutions) and RedQuarry was sleek, fast, and effective in comparison. It’s unlikely that this was the only deciding factor, but when you can differentiate yourself, you are bound to attract the scarce attention of prospects.

Never Miss Anything

Data and insights at your fingertips. With Research Management Software like RedQuarry your entire firm has real-time access to critical insights and data to more effectively, accurately, and quickly answer questions from clients and prospects.


One of the key advantages of web-based software is the ability to work as one. Instead of multiple communication strings and versions of documents, RedQuarry was designed to facilitate efficient information sharing, task management, and highlight key data points. When a sales person is tapped into the heart beat of the research team they can work more efficiently and productively resulting in greater sales activities.

RedQuarry's cutting edge research management software is used by leading investment firms around the world to manage their investment process, due diligence files, documents, reporting, and research compliance.

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