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Designed by investment practitioners,

RedQuarry is a collaborative, modern, and powerful Research Management Solution.

All of Your Investment Data in One Place

research management suite

RedQuarry's fluid interface makes sharing investment research so effortless. Whether it's a quarterly update in PDF, a PowerPoint presentation, or an email, our team is now easily able to search and find information in a variety of formats in a centralized database that can be accessed from anywhere.

Brander Richmond, CFA

Rainier Group

RedQuarry is the technology that brings our research process to life. It has key functionality for all of the different roles on the team. As a research analyst it saves me time and I know my colleagues can see my most recent work in real-time.


Historically an investment consultant was judged by their ability to access data. RedQuarry provides the finest tool for high level collaboration and allows Sellwood to extract value from the mountain of information we see. RedQuarry's comprehensive information storage, and excellent tools for sharing retrieval and review have resulted in better recommendations for our clients and more efficient use of our time.

Charlie Waibel, CFA

Sellwood Consulting

RedQuarry is for...

RedQuarry is for CLIENTS

“Your ability to access information for your clients quickly and accurately is one of your firms’ greatest assets. RedQuarry makes sure it’s organized in a consistent way that ensures instant retrieval and long-term value of your intellectual property. RedQuarry is designed to make your team look like rock stars!

Co-Founder, Christoffer Tinsley, CFA, CAIA